The East Pine Knot Tabernacle Church of God was originally built in 1940 by Mitchell Trammell and Elihue Privitt. There was some free labor. Bro. T. Chitwood, seeing the need of a church in the community, gave the land for the church building. The lumber to build the church was sawed from his farm. Sunday school rooms were later built next to the church.

The church was established on August 24, 1941. Bro. Frank Cornelious was elected pastor; Bro. Bill Trammell, treasurer; Sis. Nellie Gilreath, clerk. The trustees were Bro. Bill Trammell, Bro. Frank Cornelius, and Bro. Matt Moore.

There were 14 charter members: Rev. T. Chitwood, Sis. Laura Chitwood , Sis. Georgia Chitwood Thomas, Rev. Frank Cornelius, Sis.  Kathlene Crabtree, Sis. Marie Chitwood McBeth, Sis. Zelia Cornelius, Sis. Mary Hayes, Sis. Nellie Gilreath, Bro. Johnny Gilreath, Bro. Matt Moore, Sis. Hazel Moore, Sis.Laura Moore, and Bro. Owen Moore.

In 1987 the original church building was replaced with a new building, including Sunday school rooms, built almost on the original site. The original building was moved and converted into a home for the granddaughter of Rev. T. Chitwood. The Sunday school rooms were converted to a Fellowship Hall. Our first service in this new Church was September 13, 1987. Bro Cecil Trammell, the adult Sunday school teacher, taught the first lesson from Colossians. He taught the adult class for about 45 years. The mortgage was burned on September 1, 1991, during the Sunday Morning Assembly service.

At the turn of the millennium we were facing a burden that any church should welcome. Sunday School room space was becoming tighter as more children attended their classes and the Fellowship Hall was becoming inadequate to hold the crowd at the occasional dinners. While the we had long been considering how best to attend to the matter and how to finance any planned expansion, the Good Lord intervened with a trial turned blessing. On Sunday, November 10, 2002, at about 6:45 PM during the Sunday Evening Service, the Fellowship Hall was destroyed by a storm and major damage was done to the church itself. This was the trial.

Faced with the complete loss of one building and damage to the Church so severe that it was unusable, it would have been easy to loose faith and question God’s reasons for allowing such a thing to happen. Instead, the congregation took heart in God’s mercy of allowing everyone to escape without major injury. This was the beginning of the blessing.

With a mind to work, the Church pulled together. We salvaged what we could and moved to the old Academy Broad-way factory building. Within three days the move was complete and the we held our Wednesday Evening service there. Having raised His Son from the dead in three days, moving a church in that time would be an easy task for the Lord. Thus the blessing continued.

The real extent of the blessing became evident when we learned that our insurance company had declared the church building a total loss and would pay to rebuild both buildings. Recognizing this blessing, we decided to address our previous concerns by building a larger Church and Fellowship Hall on a newly purchased lot with plenty of space for future growth. Construction of the new Church and Fellowship Hall was commenced on March 5, 2003.

On July 3, 2003, we moved into the new Fellowship Hall where we held services until the completion of the new Church. The steeple was placed atop the new Church on Monday, July 21, 2003, by Pastor Rev. William Kilby. Our first service in the new Church was on September 28, 2003. On October 13, 2003 we had our dedication service; the completion of the blessing that started as a trial.

Former Pastors

Rev. Frank Cornelious

Aug. 24, 1940—Dec. 13, 1947

Rev. Oscar Morgan

Dec. 10, 1949—Dec. 13, 1952 Aug. 13, 1960—July 9, 1966

Rev. Albert Siler

(assistant) 1956—April 9, 1960 (acting) April 9, 1960—Aug. 13, 1960

Rev. Ledford Perry

Dec. 13, 1947—Dec. 10, 1949 Dec. 13, 1952—Dec. 8, 1956

Rev. Milford “Mitt” Meadors

Dec. 8, 1956—April 9, 1960 At which time he resigned

Rev. Leamon Perry

July 9, 1966—July 9, 2001